PornstarsThat Have Tried Jumping Into Mainstream Film

That rarest of rare breeds, successful major porn stars who also broached into mainstream Hollywood success. It’s a shame that this isn’t a more common thing. Apparently being in too many porn movies makes you unfit to cast in studio productions, no matter your talent level. But nevertheless, those few who pierce the veil get to be an inspiration for the rest!

Sasha Grey

You can’t deny her outstanding success both in her adult film career and her mainstream career! She’s a well-known name even to those who don’t follow porn that closely. Notable on the Internet for fetish titles including being the darling star of watersports porn, she broke into the mainstream in the  StevenSoderbergh film The Girlfriend Experience. She’s also an author and musician!

Stormy Daniels

There’s a name to make you cringe, now that she’s inevitably tied to the news stories of her alleged involvement with current president Trump. However, she had a prolific porn and stripping career before breaking into the mainstream with movies like The 40-Year-Old Virgin (2005) and a TV gig on Saturday Night Live, as well as running as a Republican Senate candidate.

Katie Morgan

One of the weirdest stories on this list, Katie had a plea bargain deal to work off from a drug arrest in 2000, so she entered porn. She retired in 2008, got married, and started appearing in mainstream films with Zack and Miri Make a Porno (2008). She’s since been on the reality TV series Desperate Housewives. Hey, whatever works!

Traci Lords

This is more of a secret past she keeps tucked away, but Lords used to do porn. A mainstream actress, singer, writer, and producer with a mainstream career spanning four decades in both film and TV, she lied about her age at 16 and did porn shoots for two years. She literally got busted and quit the porn circuit on her 18th birthday.

Jenna Jameson

A hardcore porn star but also an outspoken porn activist, Jameson took the low road to fame, being such a prolific webcam model and film star that she has been called “the Queen of Porn.” She parlayed this into a Howard Stern radio shock-jock appearance, and from there sprang to biographies, books that made the New York Times best-seller list, and TV commentary. She’s out there making a new name for porn stars everywhere and has shown a lot of courage along the way.