The Top 10 Most Searched Porn Categories

What are the most popular porn categories? You might be surprised that your kinks and preferences are similar to those of other people from all over the world. Let’s explore some of the most popular porn categories and why they’ve got a ton of viewers.



Who doesn’t love lesbian porn videos? A lot of men and women (both straight and otherwise) love it because of how well it depicts women getting off. There’s less of the gratuitous moaning that’s so obviously fake. Instead, lesbian porn is much more sensual thanks to the women knowing what their partner wants.


Hentai is a bit of an acquired taste. However, it has a huge following among those who love anime. Anime has a ton of diverse characters – some are innocent teases, others are buxom babes, and there are also weird alien creatures that exude sex appeal. With so many characters, the possibilities for porn are endless.

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MILF videos will always be in these lists. Porn lovers enjoy the occasional MILF porn because they come in all sorts of types. You have the young MILF with the rocking body. You’ve got the MILF who will teach you all sorts of new sex moves. Then you’ve got the MILFs who are looking to seduce shy young guys.

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Incest porn is weird and sometimes a little off-putting. However, if the hot MILF in your house is a stepmom, then it’s not really incest is it? Stepmom porn owes its popularity to the taboo of wanting to sleep with your mother figure. If you’re not into it, it’s weird. However, if you are into it, you’ll know what I’m talking about.


The Japanese are very creative with their porn despite their censorship laws. Japanese porn is so popular because they have a host of beautiful women who are willing to fulfill your desires. Tons of people enjoy watching Japanese women squirm with pleasure as they futilely deny their pleasure.


Teens are young, fresh, and pretty. Porn lovers want a pretty young girl who plays the role of the innocent minx who has a wild side. While the teen category of porn isn’t really filled with teens, porn enthusiasts still enjoy the category because the women do look quite young.


There is something exotic about Asian women and their sexuality. Oftentimes, Asian women are presented as shy and innocent when it comes to sex. Then they let loose when they discover how pleasurable it is. This transition from innocence to wild abandon is one of the reasons people love watching Asian porn.


Massage porn is a refreshing break from all the hardcore, high-energy porn. It’s all about how well the “masseuse” pleasures his client. It’s relaxed, sensual, and sometimes even romantic. When you want to relax while getting off, this is the perfect category for you.


With the rise of K-pop girl groups, there’s no surprise that Korean porn is becoming more popular. The popularity of this category is due to two things: people looking for porn actresses that look like K-pop stars, and a genuine love for the beauty of Korean women.


Black women don’t get appreciated enough on mainstream media. However, they do get a lot of appreciation in the world of porn. What’s not to love? From their gorgeous, curvy figures to their soft, smooth skin, black porn deserves all the love and viewership it can get!

Which of these categories do you check out the most?